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Jesus’ message to Laodiea is, in essence, a rebuke: “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten, (Rev. 3: 19). Laodicea is the church living during the time of “the hour of His judgment (Revelation 14: 6).” It is the True Witness in this judgment that addresses Laodicea. Thus, this series of articles are extremely pertinent to our times, for we are the church living in the “hour of His judgment.” The authors delve deep into the Bible and into the root of many of the words used in this message to the last church, thereby unearthing new and surprising meanings. 

the hour of his judgment has come

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Grace unlimited ministries YouTube channel features Ozzie Grant’s latest sermons, as well as various video series, music, and more. We aim to share the knowledge of God’s pure character of agape love as revealed by Jesus Christ, to reverse the misunderstandings and misrepresentations regarding the character of God, and to remove the blinders that have caused us to stay away and alienated from Him. 

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the God on Trial book series


The two trees in the Garden of Eden are symbolic os God’s and Satan’s kingdoms. As such, they also represent their respectives laws. These two laws determine two separate jurisdictions. Learn how Satan has demonized God through his tree of the knowledge of good and evil.





In the beginning of his rebellion in heaven, Satan was able to deceive one third of the angels. Satan’s authorship of the principle of reward and punishment has been hidden for six thousand years but now is beeing exposed. Find what caused him to rebel against God’s agape love.





The Wrath of God is not what it appears to be! This book takes you an in-depth exploration of this biblical theme, and shows what this “term” really means, from the Bible. A must read  as we approach the end of the Great Controversy, because we are called to come of Babylon, lest we receive of her plagues..


Bradley and Christa Mock

Bradley and Christa Mock have the goal and focus to be shaped and molded by God’s agape love completely. Since 2020, they have been learning and sharing God’s love with anyone who will listen. They focus their studies around 3 central points: God is love. (1 John 4:8) The life of Christ is the ultimate revelation of God the Father. (John 14:9) Biblical principle explains scripture, and scripture explains Biblical principle. (Isaiah 28:10) Some Biblical principles that God uses to guide us in our studies are: Agape – the principles of divine love Design Law – How existence is designed to operate. The Two Trees in the Garden of Eden – These two trees represent the 2 opposing principles of righteousness and iniquity. They also emphasize being prepared to endure the great end-time deception of Satan’s false second coming. Their Bible studies are done weekly on Facebook and then uploaded to their YouTube channel on saturdays. All are welcome.

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