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Is Someone Punishing the World?

God on Trial is unearthing evidence that absolves God from the false accusations that have painted Him as an abuser, a tyrant, a genocidal ruler, and a killer. Is someone punishing the world? Oh, yes, absolutely! But who? That is the real question! Now the evidence is out. Are you open to see the it? Are you open to see the real  culprit? Watch now as we take you to the ancient gods of Egypt and other ancient civilizations!


The Wrath of God Explained

“The Wrath of God” is one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented topics in the Bible. These easy to follow 5-7 minute videos are extremely informative on this crucial and timely topic for our times. We are nearing the final instance of the wrath of God, and the Bible is clear: this will affect every single individual in the near future. Find out what “the wrath of God” really means, and how you can be protected! 


The God on Trial Book Series

The Demonization of God Unmasked

The two trees in the Garden are symbolic of God’s and Satan’s kingdoms and as such, they also represent two laws. These two laws determine their respective jurisdictions. 

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God on Trial: Have We Been Lied To? Is God a Killer?

Satan’s principle was hidden from view for six thousand years but now it is beeing exposed. Find what caused him to rebel against God and what principle he uses to rule on earth.

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The Wrath of God Unmasked and God's Strange Act

The wrath of God is not what it appears to be. This book gives an in-depth exploration of this biblical theme, and shows what this “term” really means. A must read for our times!

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The Magic Flute and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Mozart  created a musical masterpiece that seems to promote Satan’s principle of reward and punishment. Could it be? See the evidence. Read the book. Make your own opinion.

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The God on Trial Series: Get your copies today!

The God on Trial Series, by Oswald and Denice Grant, deals with Satan’s rebellion against God and explains the meaning of the Tree of Life and of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the context of the war between the Creator and the Covering Cherub Lucifer. Placed in the middle of the Garden of Eden, the two trees symbolically represent the very issues involved in the war (GR. polemos) between God and Satan, and explain what sin really is and how the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil plays a part in it.

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The Ancient Oak Tree

The Ancient Oak Tree is an introduction to the character of God for children. In this series we hope to share with young minds the history of the war between God and Satan, and in the process, the lies about God and the beauty of the Creator’s character of unconditional love. Available in paperback.


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We are sharing the good news of God’s character through a fun, creative and more intimate setting. We welcome you to follow our vlog. Please share it with your friends, if you like our videos press the like button, subscribe to Oz&D Vlog and click on the little bell so that you will be notified whenever we upload a new video. Thank you for joining us in this adventure!



Most of us have used, and continue to use, the behaviourist model of reward and punishment on our children. theBond is a Christian podcast  that rejects that model and adopts God’s way of child rearing through unconditional, love.

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Most human beings are born with a negative view of God and as a result picture Him as a stern, punitive, and condemning judge. Join Denice Grant as she reads from Dick Winn’s daily devotional “His Healing Love” among other things.

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