Most of us have used, and continue to use, the behaviourist model of reward and punishment on our children. theBond is a Christian podcast for purposeful and peaceful parenting that rejects that model and adopts God’s way of child rearing, through unconditional, nonviolent, agape love. The creators of this podcast write: “we want to understand children’s hearts, reach parents’ hearts, and see God with new eyes. We believe in a loving, empathetic God who has shown us by His example how to live a relationship based on love, trust and peace with others.”

This podcast was started in Germany, in September of 2020, by five young mothers who wanted to raise their children in accordance with God’s nonviolent principles of unconditional love. This is the English version. For questions, please feel free to write to [email protected]. 


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His Healing Love

Most human beings are born with a negative view of God and as a result picture Him as a stern, punitive, and condemning judge. Join Denice Grant as she reads from Dick Winn’s daily devotional “His Healing Love” among other things.

Winn, a gifted writer and theologian, opens our eyes to a fresh and compelling view of a nonviolent God that is filled with love and wonder. The God of grace he reveals is someone that anyone would surely fall in love with. Winn writes: “the healing of our sin-damaged lives happens as we enter into and enjoy a loving friendship with a great Friend.” Winn then proceeds to remove, step by step, all those little building blocks of misconceptions that grow into an edifice of deception, and which keep us needlessly estranged from God. 

If you would like to see God from a positive, warm and inviting perspective, this podcast is for you!


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