God is about to create a world that is out of this world!!


There’s a new world coming!

Okay, so human beings are really messing up don’t you think? This has become really evident in 2020. Don’t you feel like there really is no one in whom we can put our trust these days? There is too much greed in the world, too much suffering, too much pain, too much death. So this is our vote: we vote Jesus because only He can bring about a change on this planet. We want peace, we want love, we want safety, we want life. And it is coming. There is an election happening behind the scenes. It is a spiritual revolution. Watch for it. Be informed. You will be on the winning side…


Join the agape love revolution!

Here is an excerpt from our second book, God on Trial:

“Have you ever wondered what life could have been, had Adam and Eve not opened the floodgates of evil upon the earth? Or have you imagined what it would be like to live in a world in which there was absolutely no pain, destruction or death?

It is hard for us to imagine heaven, given we have never seen or experienced anything like it. But whatever heaven is, we know “it is heaven!”

We often use this phrase to qualify a wonderful, positive, absolutely delightful experience. If a friend said, “I went to Fiji for Christmas, and oh, it was absolute heaven!” we need hear no more. We would know exactly what he or she meant, and even though we wouldn’t know the precise particulars of their vacation we would know they had a peaceful, relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable time.

The next question we then ask is this: what makes heaven heaven? Take a look at this verse from the Book of Psalms:

You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore (Psalm 16:11, emphasis added).

This is a description of heaven, isn’t it? “Life,” “fullness of joy,” “pleasures forevermore”—a paradise. It sounds like our friend’s Fiji vacation, doesn’t it? And what makes heaven a place where there is “fullness of joy” and “pleasures forevermore”? If your answer is the “presence” of God you are absolutely right! What else could it be?” READ MORE

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Welcome to the agape love revolution!