Mark 4:12


“…so that ‘Seeing they may see and not perceive, and hearing they may hear and

not understand; lest they should turn, and their sins be forgiven them.”



This is the sin. This is “missing the mark.” Not seeing, not perceiving, not understanding

that we are covered by God’s love and grace; not seeing, not perceiving,

not understanding that we are forgiven… This is the problem of humanity.

And this is what iniquity did to Lucifer. By “missing the mark” one forfeits the

prize—the true knowledge of God and in that knowledge, the knowledge that we

are forgiven, in fact considered as if we had never sinned. This is amazing grace!

Lucifer, who became Satan, “the accuser,” went astray from the true

knowledge of God’s grace. He created a system of condemnation. Then he

led others to join him—and they joined in his condemnation. Jesus came

to bring the knowledge of salvation through the “remission of sins”—to tell

us that God is not holding our sins against us—we are entirely, completely

forgiven, because God is not in the business of condemning.


God on Trial p.83