Revelation 15:3

Great and marvellous are your works Lord God Almighty. 

Just and true are your ways, oh King of the saints.


God’s character does not allow Him to act or react in any other way. If He used force or control, He would become arbitrary, and once He became arbitrary He would cease to be agape love. Thus great injustices and evil were bound to come into being, even against Himself. But He went further and continued doing good to His enemies, even sustaining their lives throughout their rebellion, because He does not repay evil with evil. God does not join evil in order to overcome it:

God’s wisdom and principles are always dictated by His love, therefore every decision He makes, He makes in love. God’s ways, though it may seem like foolishness to some of us, are the only wise ways. God is wisdom personified. His ways are the only ways of life. When all is said and done, God’s ways will be seen as the only wise ways, and those that see His wisdom will exclaim: Great and marvellous are Your works, Lord God Almighty.


God on Trial pp. 124-126