Ezek 28:15

“You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created until iniquity was found in you.”


            Iniquity is what “was found” in Lucifer. Thus it has to be a principle that is diametrically opposed to God. As such, it was a distortion of God’s principle of unconditional agape love. As a reaction against agape love, it is its very opposite. Thus iniquity has to be conditional, partial, and selfish rather than selfless.

The moment Lucifer removed God’s unconditional and impartial love as the rule of law for the universe he introduced an arbitrary system imposed by an arbitrary ruler—himself. The moment he introduced an arbitrary system, he created force, violence. The result is the removal of freedom. Thus iniquity removes liberty, freedom; it enslaves us.

Then, the moment he created conditions he also created hierarchy—if one meets certain conditions, one will attain certain privileges. Inversely, if one doesn’t meet certain criteria, one will suffer certain punishments. Iniquity created a pyramid, a scale of merit based on the balances of Good and Evil. This is the foundation for all hierarchies and religions that are based on works. The moment Lucifer created hierarchy, pride came into being.

As soon as he introduced his law, Lucifer (and subsequently the angels that followed him, as well as the human race who also adopted it) acquired and developed a dual character of Good and Evil. He and his followers now vacillated back and forth between two apparent polar opposites. A dual character was the inevitable consequence of this rebellion against God’s indivisible law. Lucifer and all his followers no longer have an “entire” or “perfect” character—we are all two-faced schizoids 

God on Trial p. 90- 91